Eight Excellent Uses for Flat Soda

Eight Excellent Uses for Flat Soda

It’s not uncommon for people to open a bottle or can of soda and forget about it when they get distracted by other things. When they discover the soda the next day it has exhausted its fizz and they typically believe there’s no choice but to throw away what remains. Even if the can is still almost full. But such is not the case. There are actually quite a number of things that can be done with flat soda, even vegan, all natural soda that’s gone flat. In this post we’ll look at 8 awesome things you can do with flat soda.

1: A new twist on ice cubes

If you have a bunch of flat soda left over from a get-together and you are reasonably sure it’s safe (i.e. people were pouring it from the cans or bottles into glasses and drinking from the glasses, or you were pouring it yourself into glasses for your guests), you can use that leftover pop to create nextgen ice cubes.

While most people like ice in their drinks they don’t like the way the drink gets watered down when the ice cubes melt. To prevent that you can add ice cubes made of our kosher Loveland Lemon-Limeade to lemonade or punch and cubes made from our Colorado Cola to mixed drinks that call for cola.

2: Sink and toilet cleaner

Many types of soda pop, even our gluten free, all natural sodas, are useful when it comes to cleaning various components of the bathroom. Most notably the sink and toilet. Why? Because soda contains both phosphoric acid and citric acid which lowers the pH content. Lower pH results in the soda being more acidic which, in turn, enables it to effectively cut through things like soap scum, grime and hard water stains.

Just pour the soda into your sink or toilet and let it sit for a couple of hours, then scrub it out. For the record it’s not going to work so well with tubs, for the obvious reason that you’d have to have a LOT of leftover flat soda to fill your tub.

3: Antidote for an upset stomach

You may or may not have heard that cola is an effective way to settle an upset stomach. It’s true. But what’s even better is that cola retains its ability to calm your tummy even if it’s gone flat. In fact, flat soda is probably better for settling an upset stomach because the lack of carbonation won’t contribute to feelings of being bloated or gassy.

So next time you leave half a can of delicious vegan Rocky Mountain Colorado Cola out overnight don’t throw it away when you do cleanup in the morning. Just put it in the fridge until you, or someone else, has a stomach ache.

4: Tastier Jell-O®

Why mix your Jell-O with plain old water when you can mix it with still tasty, just not so fizzy, flat soda? If you have some of our Buena Vista Black Cherry lying around that’s gone flat don’t throw it down the drain, mix it with Black Cherry Jell-O and take that taste sensation thing to a whole new level.

Same thing if you have some Orange Jell-O mix and a couple of half-finished bottles of our Old Centennial Orange Cream soda. The result will really tantalize the taste buds.

5: Prevent your fruit from going brown

We’ve all heard that if you soak your cut fruit in lemon juice it will prevent it from going brown. But who has a bottle of lemon juice lying around their kitchen? In truth, very few people. Fortunately, there’s another solution to the brown fruit problem: flat soda.

That’s right. If, like most people, you don’t have a bottle of lemon juice lying around but you do have some all natural Breckenridge Blackberry soda that’s gone flat you can soak your cut fruit in that. It will even add a nice taste twist to the proceedings. Here’s a bonus idea: pour your Rocky Mountain Soda over apples then sprinkle them with cinnamon and bake to create world-class baked apples!

6: Enhance your cake recipes

If you’re looking for a way to get something new out of your cake recipes AND you happen to have some soda lying around that’s gone flat you’re in luck! Simply replace the eggs, oil and water the recipe calls for with 12 ounces of soda.

It’s one of the simplest and best ways to make use of flat soda and there is nothing special you need to do to make it work. Just add the soda and bake as directed and you’re in for a real taste treat.

7: Enhance the flavor of your meat dishes

If you love a good roast and are looking for a way to create a unique flavor experience try basting with flat soda rather than water. You can use this for any type of meat you bake in the oven, including that Thanksgiving turkey.

Basting your ham, roast chicken, pot roast, turkey or meatballs with some leftover pop will keep the meat tender and juicy and add a touch of sweetness that will make your meat even more mouthwatering once it emerges from the oven.

8: Next level BBQ sauce

In keeping with the meat theme we propose that you use your now not-so-fizzy soda to create a kind of next level BBQ sauce that will make you the king of the summer circuit. It’s easy to make by mixing a cup of ketchup with a cup of flat soda and warming the mixture over a medium heat until it thickens.

Spread it on the chicken, ribs and even the burgers before and after you drop them on the grill and provide your guests with a tasty treat that will have them asking for the recipe.

Rocky Mountain Soda: Especially Great When it’s Not Flat!

Our full line of natural sodas contain no GMOs and don’t go flat faster than any other brand of soda. What they do have over other brands is a remarkably full and tantalizing taste that’s both new and yet somehow familiar.

We would never advise that you open soda and let it get flat on purpose, but if you have some of our scrumptious Colorado Cola or Grand Teton Grape that was left on the kitchen counter overnight why not put it to use in one of the ways we outlined above!