Oogave - FAQ

What is agave nectar?

Agave nectar is the sap-like substance from the agave plant. The agave is a succulent plant native to Mexico. While often referred to as a cactus, agave is actually closer to an American Aloe. The sap is harvested from the pineapple-like core of the plant and then gently heated to turn the starches into a glucose/fructose combination that is very sweet to the taste. As many people are aware, the agave plant is the same plant used to make mescal and tequila. Of course, Oogavé organic soda is made with agave nectar that is not fermented.

Why is agave a better sweetener?

The biggest advantage to using agave nectar is how slowly it is processed in the body. Because it is absorbed more slowly than corn syrup or cane sugar, you don’t get the sugar high/crash associated with traditional soft drinks. Agave is also better at triggering insulin response than high fructose corn syrup; this is the biological function that tells your body when you are full. Additionally, agave nectar contains a healthy mix of trace minerals and even a small amount of inulin fiber. Also, agave plants thrive with very little cultivation, it makes them ideal candidates for organic certification. You can rest assured that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides came in contact with our agave nectar. Because the agave plant has been cherished by Mexicans since antiquity, you know they would find any attempt to genetically modify it abhorrent. Lastly, because agave nectar has such a high level of fructose, it is far sweeter to the taste than cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This is why Oogavé all natural soda has only two-thirds the sugar of other sodas.

What is the glycemic index, and where does agave nectar fall on it?

To assist people with blood sugar problems (e.g., diabetes) the glycemic index was created. The index rates foods based on how they affect blood sugar. Foods with no effect, such as foods composed primarily of protein and fat (eggs and meat), rate zero. Pure glucose, the evil queen of all sweeteners, is 96. Both cane sugar (sucrose) and HFCS fall between 62 and 64. The agave nectar oogavé uses is a 17, so less than half the effect on blood sugar compared to HFCS and cane sugar.

Does Oogavé contain artificial preservatives?

No. Nothing artificial, Oogavé is a certified organic soda.

Does Oogavé have less sugar than other sodas?

We have yet to find a traditional soda that has less sugar than Oogavé. Diet sodas sweetened with stevia or aspartame often contain no sugar. But they taste fake and studies have shown that drinking diet sodas has no effect on weight loss.

What is “caramel color”?

Caramel color is made much the way caramel candy is made, by controlled heating of sugar. The difference is that caramel color is fully oxidized so instead of a nice amber brown, you have a nearly black substance that tastes bitter and smells like burnt sugar. We use only class 1 organic caramel color in our root beer and cola. We use it to make our sodas more visually appealing, because that is what most people think it should look like. We add the equivalent of less than one drop per bottle. In other words, it is dietarily insignificant, yet we still source the highest quality organic caramel color available.

Does Oogavé contain gluten?

None whatsoever.

Does Oogavé contain MSG?


How does Oogavé compare with sparkling juice?

Juice-based sodas are definitely healthier for you than HFCS-based sodas. Juice is lower on the glycemic index and is often sweeter to the taste so you don’t need to add extra sugar. However, juice-based sodas are not nutritionally the same as having a glass of juice. While juice has many nutrients such as vitamins and fiber, much of that nutrition is lost because of the processing it undergoes. But don’t take our word for it. Look at the nutrition chart of your favorite sparkling juice. You are unlikely to find any vitamins unless they have been added. Next, take a look at the ingredient list. You are more than likely to find added flavors and added colors. Ask yourself this question: why would you have to add color and flavor to juice? The answer is because all the processing it undergoes robs the juice not only of nutrition, but color and flavor as well. We like a sparkling juice as a treat as much as anyone, but if you want nutrition, ask for yours fresh-squeezed.

How do I know that the agave nectar you use is pure?

Oogavé only buys Organic “Light Premium”, “Blue Weber” agave nectar from reputable importers. The containers are tested for purity and sealed in Mexico. We have personally toured our supplier’s production facility in Jalisco, Mexico as detailed in our ABOUT US page.

Do you use raw agave nectar?

Raw agave nectar contains natural organisms such as bacteria and yeasts and can spoil some products like soda by fermenting. Oogavé only uses agave nectar that has been pasteurized

Does Oogavé contain caffeine?

There is no caffeine in any of our sodas.

What is the difference between “natural’ and “organic?”

Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. “Organic” is a certification overseen by the federal government. There are very strict standards about what qualifies for the title, “organic.” Natural, on the other hand, is not a regulated word; it doesn’t have any legal definition. In other words, anyone could use it to mean anything. The generally accepted definition is that “natural” indicates a product that contains nothing artificial. But of course, what is artificial? So companies that do not have your best interests in mind call their product “natural” hoping you won’t notice that aspects of the product are highly questionable. The long and the short is that “organic” products are ALWAYS natural. But natural products by themselves are not necessarily “natural.” So yes, Oogavé is both all-natural and organic!

What is inulin fiber?

Inulin is a naturally occurring plant fiber that is found in abundance in agave. Inulin has many health benefits. It promotes the growth of intestinal flora that aid in digestion. It isn’t broken down into sugars like many foods and slows absorption of carbohydrates to help prevent excessive blood sugar spikes. Inulin increases calcium absorption for healthy bones and there is evidence to suggest that it increases magnesium and iron absorption as well. It can help to lower total and LDL cholesterol. It makes you feel full faster so, once again, you don’t over-consume Oogavé like people are apt to do with corn or sugar cane sweetened beverages.

Does agave nectar have other nutrients?

In addition to inulin, agave nectar also has traces of iron, copper and magnesium, all of which are essential minerals.

What does it mean to be kosher certified?

Kosher is a designation that a product conforms to biblical laws set down in the old testament. Being kosher certified ensures that oogavé has met standards for cleanliness, processing, and ingredients. While most people associate kosher with the processing of meats, Oogavé decided to become kosher certified out of respect for people who follow what is known as kashrut law. Our facility is regularly inspected to ensure that the equipment conforms, our ingredients are properly maintained and labeled, and that non-conforming materials and ingredients are not present.

How does Oogavé purify its water?

Colorado is known for its exceptionally clean mountain water. To further ensure that our soda is pure, we use a three-stage filtration system to remove any impurities that may be incidentally present. The water is fresh and clear, and we drink it every day!